To be announced

future teaching visits

We are unceasingly grateful for the concern, warmth, compassion & insight offered to us by our wonderful lamas and exemplars.

Where reasonably possible we will host in-person teacher visits. We hope to always provide as-needed support for New England teachings by traveling scholars, yogis and exemplary Tibetan Buddhist practitioners.

  Some teachers will be represented by audio or video recordings from seminars, workshops and sangha residencies elsewhere in the world.

these are some of our pAST & FUTURE-PLANNED visiting teachers and/or taped study session Providers

Eventually evening, weekend & extended teachings will be available. We ask a contribution. All are welcome, regardless of financial circumstances. 

His eminence garchen rinpoche

Warmly-engaging doorway to the heart of Drikung Kagyu inner mystery teachings.

Ontul Rinpoche

Master of Dzogchen & Kagyu clarity, inward awareness & Mahamudra practices.

we thank our guides, teachers, leaders & Exemplars for their assistance.

pema Chödron

Warm insights about the heart of Buddhist practice in a challenging, anxious world.

Chögyam trungpa rinpoche

Extraordinary writer, artist and interpreter of Tibetan Buddhism to Western students.

Khandro Rinpoche

Sharply perceptive insights about application

of core Buddhist teachings in today's world.

His holiness the drikung Kyabgon Chetsang rinpoche

Lineage leader & perceptive interpreter of  Drikung Kagyu precepts and teachings.

khenchen k. Gyaltshen rinpoche

Highest Abbot of the Drikung Kagyu lineage & master translator of essential texts.


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