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During the year (in the somewhat distant past) many tribal societies commemorated points in their annual calendar - observances for entry into the winter dark, emerging from the cold months, beginning of planting season, onset of summer and the autumn harvest.

We have been actively exploring the roots of these ancient cultural patterns in old Europe and Asia.  Almost every year research delegations from our group have traveled to Ireland and the UK, with future trips planned for Iceland, Nepal, Bhutan and Scandinavia.

In 2003 we organised a seminar at Glenstal Abbey in County Limerick, Ireland exploring the commonalities between the "Old Religion" of Ireland and the similar yet unique earth-based cosmos of old Tibet.  Both countries were isolated by geography from their neighbours and were able to retain (in Ireland) the ancient pre-Celtic beliefs of an animate landscape under the feminine Sun, and (in Tibet) relation with living entities in the terrain, balanced by an over-arching belief in the rightness and connect-ness of all things.

Each year afterward we explore the Irish landscape for signs of its ancient Bronze Age societies. We have located a series of archaeological treasures indicating a very coherent pattern of beliefs and ritual terrain during those times.  This is one of our projects.  Please inquire about our work, and if interested join us during one of these working pilgrimages.


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